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Dr. Conor Hogan

Office address

Department of Physics, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

Via della Ricerca Scientifica 1, 00133 Rome, Italy

Phone: +39 06 7259 4894

Fax: +39 06 2023507

Email: conor.hoganroma2.infn.it

Web: www.yambo-code.org/people/conor/index.php

Project Mercator, T1, E3

Surface optical spectroscopy of phonon and electron excitations in quasi-one dimensional metallic nanostructures; and Ground- and excited-state properties of substrate-supported nanowires calculated from first principles

Areas of Research

• Theory of optical properties of surfaces and interfaces

• Ab initio computation of excited states in low-dimensional systems

• Application of many body techniques to light-induced degradation in artworks 

Selected Publications

  1. C. Hogan, E. Ferraro, N. McAlinden, J.F. McGilp, Optical fingerprints of Si honeycomb chains and atomic gold wires on the Si(111)- (5 × 2)-Au surface Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 087401 (2013).

  2. C. Hogan, R. Magri, R. Del Sole, Spontaneous Formation of Surface Antisite Defects in the Stabilization of the Sb- rich GaSb(001) Surface Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 157402 (2010).

  3. G. Bussetti, M. Campione, M. Riva, A. Picone, L. Raimondo, L. Ferraro, C. Hogan, M. Palummo, A. Brambilla, M. Finazzi, L. Duo, A. Sassella, F. Ciccacci, Stable Alignment of Tautomers at Room Temperature in Porphyrin 2D Layers Advanced Functional Materials 24, 958–963 (2014).

  4. C. Hogan, M. Palummo, J. Gierschner, A. Rubio, Correlation effects in the optical spectra of porphyrin oligomer chains: Exciton confinement and length dependenc, J. Chem. Phys. 138, 024312 (2013).

  5. F. Da Pieve, C. Hogan, D. Lamoen, J. Verbeeck, F. Vanmeert, M. Radepont, M. Cotte, K. Janssens, X. Gonze, and G. Van Tendeloo, Casting Light on the Darkening of Colors in Historical Paintings, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 208302 (2013).

  6. A. Marini, C. Hogan, M. Gruening, D. Varsano, yambo: An ab initio tool for excited state calculations, Computer Physics Communications 180, 1392–1403 (2009).

  7. C. Hogan, S. Colonna, R. Flammini, A. Cricenti, and F. Ronci, Structure and stability of Si/Ag(110) nanoribbons Phys. Rev. B, accepted (2015).