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Program of the poster session (Wednesday 17:00 - 21:00)

Poster numberTitle and author
1Anisotropic electronic properties for Si(111)-(5x2)-Au
Kaori Seino and Friedhelm Bechstedt
2SXRD studies on Si(111)-(5x2)-Au
Frederic Timmer, Kaori Seino, Friedhelm Bechsted, Joachim Wollschläger
3Vibration modes of Si(111)-(7x7) and various reconstructed Au/Si(111) surfaces, studied by Raman spectroscopy
Utz Bass, Martin Liebhaber, Jean Geurts, Jochen Räthel, Eugen Speiser, Sandhya Chandola, Arne Baumann, Norbert Esser
4Modeling Raman spectra at Au@Si surfaces from first principles
Sergej Neufeld, Simone Sanna and Wolf Gero Schmidt
5Stability of Au induced reconstructions at Si(111) vicinal surfaces: a density functional theory investigation
Christian Braun, Simone Sanna and Wolf Gero Schmidt
6Raman spectroscopy of gold-induced nanostructures on Si(111) and Si(553)
Julian Plaickner, Jochen Räthel, Eugen Speiser, Sandhya Chandola, Arne Baumann, Norbert Esser, Julian Aulbach, Sebastian Meyer, Utz Bass, Martin Liebhaber, Lenart Dudy, Jean Guerts, Jörg Schäfer, Ralph Claessen
7Infrared optical absorption from localized plasmon polaritons indicates metallic behavior
F. Hötzel, C. Huck, O. Skibbe, K. Seino, F. Bechstedt, and A. Pucci
8About the origin of 1D metallicity in Ag monolayer stripes on Si(557)
Timo Lichtenstein, Ulrich Krieg, Christoph Tegenkamp, Herbert Pfnür
9Optical and electronic properties of quasi-1D gold nanowires on Si(553) surfaces
Sandhya Chandola, Eugen Speiser, Svetlana Suchkova, Julian Plaickner, Conor Hogan and Norbert Esser
10Plasmonic excitations in Au-induced quantum wires on Si(hhk)
Timo Lichtenstein, Julian Aulbach, Jörg Schäfer, Christoph Tegenkamp, Herbert Pfnür
11Spin-Polarization and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Au-Induced Atom Chains on High-Index Silicon Surfaces
J. Aulbach, J. Schäfer, S. C. Erwin, L. Dudy, B. Slomski, H. Dil, and R. Claessen
12Occupied and Unoccupied Electronic Structure of Self-Assembled Nanowires
C. W. Nicholson, C. Monney, U. Krieg, J. Aulbach, M. Puppin, Y. Deng, C. Tegenkamp, H. Pfnür, J. Schäfer, K. Horn, R. Ernstorfer and M. Wolf
13Observation of correlated spin-orbit order on Pb/Si(557)
Christian Brand, Monika Jäger, Herbert Pfnür, Hugo Dil, Tanmoy Das, Christoph Tegenkamp
14Rashba coupling and magnetic order in correlated helical liquids
Martin Hohenadler and Fakher. F. Assaad
15Periodic electronic modulation and magnetic spin order of thin iron films on Rh(001)
Jeannette Kemmer, Pin-Jui Hsu, Jens Kügel, Tobias Mauerer, Stefan Wilfert, and Matthias Bode
16Correlated ladder models for atomic wires on substrates
Anas Abdelwahab, Eric Jeckelmann
17Exceptional ballistic transport in sidewall graphene nanoribbons
Jens Baringhaus, Claire Berger, Walt de Heer, and Christoph Tegenkamp
18Structural and electronic properties of the triangular lattice of Sn on SiC(0001)
Florian Adler, Stefan Glass, Gang Li, Julian Aulbach, Werner Hanke, Ralph Claessen, and Jörg Schäfe
19Tb silicide nanowires on Si(001): An STM, LEED, HRTEM, STS, and ARPES study
Stephan Appelfeller, Martin Franz, Stefan Kuls, Hans Jirschik, Paul Reiß, Tore Niermann, Christopher Prohl, Jan Große, Zeno Diemer, Jörg Döhring, Michael Lehmann, Mario Dähne
20Density functional theory investigation of rare earth silicide nanowires
Kris Holtgrewe, Simone Sanna, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
21Dysprosium silicide phases on Si(111)
Frederic Timmer, Joachim Wollschläger
22Structural and electronic properties of ErSi2 und DySi2 monolayers and sub-monolayers at the Si(111) surface
Christof Dues, Simone Sanna and Wolf Gero Schmidt
23Fluence-Dependence of the Initial Dynamics of the Photo Induced (8 × 2)↔ (4 × 1) Phase Transition in the In/Si(111) System
B. Hafke, T. Frigge, B. Krenzer, C. Streubühr, P. Zhou, M. Ligges, D. von der Linde, U. Bovensiepen and M. Horn-von Hoegen
24Microscopic mechanism and dynamics of the optically induced In/Si (111)(8x2)-(4x1) phase transition
Andreas Lücke, Simone Sanna, Uwe Gerstmann, Stefan Wippermann, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
25Temperature-Dependent Evolution of Domain Structures of First Order Transitions in a Periodic Soliton Lattice
Matthias Vogt, Tobias Mauerer, Pin-Jui Hsu, Weida Wu, and Matthias Bode
26Towards the disentanglement of electronic and phononic contributions to the photoinduced In/Si(111) (8x2) to (4x1) phase transition
Manuel Ligges, Abdul Samad Syed, Vesna Mikšić Trontl, Bernd Hafke, Tim Frigge, Boris Krenzer, Michael Horn- von Hoegen, and Uwe Bovensiepen
27Ginzburg-Landau theory for collective excitations in In/Si(111)
Yasemin Ergün, Eric Jeckelmann
28Initial Dynamics of the Photo Induced (8x2) <> (4x1) Peierls-like Phase Transition of the In/Si(111) System
T. Frigge, B. Hafke, B. Krenzer, C. Streubühr, P. Zhou, M. Ligges, D. von der Linde, U. Bovensiepen and M. Horn-von Hoegen
29Ultrafast dynamics of a Pb overlayer structure grown on flat and vicinal Si(111)
Abdul Samad Syed, Vesna Mikšić Trontl, Manuel Ligges, Mathias Sandhofer, Ishita Agarwal, Isabella Avigo, Daniel Lückermann, Christoph Tegenkamp, Herbert Pfnür, and Uwe Bovensiepen
30Effects of confinement on transport properties of anisotropic systems
Frederik Edler, Ilio Miccoli, Stephanie Demuth, Herbert Pfnür, and Christoph Tegenkamp