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Dr. Eugen Speiser

Office address

Office address Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS - e.V.

Department Berlin, Forschungsbereich Material- und Grenzflächenanalytik

Schwarzschildstr. 8

12489 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 6392-3552

Fax: +49 30 6392-3544

E-Mail: eugen.speiser(at)isas.de

Project E3

Surface optical spectroscopy of phonon and electron excitations in quasi one-dimensional metallic nanostructures

Areas of Research

• Vibrational properties of nanostructures and thin films

• Development of high spatial resolution Raman Spectroscopy

• Development of RAS techniques

Selected Publications

1. E. Speiser, S. Chandola, K. Hinrichs, M. Gensch, C. Cobet, S. Wippermann, W.G.Schmidt, F. Bechstedt, W. Richter, K. Fleischer, J. F. McGilp, and N. Esser, 244 Principal investigators

Metal-insulator transition in Si(111)-(4x1)/(8x2)-In studied by optical spectroscopy

Phys. Stat. Sol. B247, 2033 (2010).

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2. M. A. El Khakani, V. Le Borgne, B. Aïssa, F. Rosei, C. Scilletta, E. Speiser, M. Scarselli, P. Castrucci, and M. De Crescenzi,

Photocurrent generation in random networks of multiwall-carbon-nanotubes grown by an all-laser process

Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 083114 (2009).

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3. M. De Crescenzi, F. Tombolini, M. Scarselli, S. Del Gobbo, E. Speiser, P. Castrucci, M. Diociaiuti, S. Casciardi, E. Gatto, M. Venanzi

Visible and near ultraviolet photocurrent generation in carbon nanotubes

Surf. Sci. 601, 2810 (2007).

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4. E. Speiser, B. Buick, S. Del Gobbo, D. Calestani and W. Richter

High spatial resolution Raman scattering for nano-structures. in: Epioptics-9

World Scientific (2007).

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5. E. Speiser, T. Schmidtling, K. Fleischer, N. Esser, W. Richter

In-situ Raman Spectroscopy on III-V semiconductors at high temperature in MOVPE

Phys. Stat. Sol. C8, 2949 (2003).

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