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Research Projects

The proposed Research Unit consists of the following five experimental and two theoretical projects


ProjectPlsTitle of the project
E1Schäfer/ClaessenSpectral electronic properties of noble metal nanowires with controlled architectures
E2Dähne/WollschlägerAtomic structure and electronic properties of silicide nanowires
E3Esser/Speiser/PucciSurface optical spectroscopy of phonon and electron excitations in quasi-one dimensional metallic nanostructures
E4Tegenkamp/Pfnür/PucciTransport and collective excitations in metallic wires
E5Bovensiepen/Ligges/Wolf/ErnstorferTime-resolved spectroscopy of photo-induced transitions and electronic excitations in quasi 1D metal wires on semiconductors
E6BodeSpin-resolved electronic properties of strongly correlated one-dimensional systems
E7Horn-von-HoegenTime-resolved diffraction of photon-induced phase transitions in 1D metal wires on semiconductor surfaces



Ground- and excited-state properties of substrate-supported nanowires calculated from first principles

T2JeckelmannEmbedded one-dimensional electron-phonon systems