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Prof. Dr. Norbert Esser

Office address

Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften - ISAS e.V.


Schwarzschildstr. 8

12489 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 6392 3530

Fax: +49 30 6392 3544

Email: norbert.esser(at)isas.de

Web: www.isas.de

Project E3

Surface optical spectroscopy of phonon and electron excitations in quasi one-dimensional metallic nanostructures

Areas of Research

• Advancement of linear optical spectroscopy methods for surface, interface and

  nanostructure analysis

• Raman spectroscopy of surface excitations

• correlation of optical fingerprints with microscopic structure

• termination of semiconductor surfaces with molecules and metal adsorbates

Selected Publications

1. K. Hinrichs, M. Gensch, N. Esser

Analysis of Organic Films and Interfacial Layers by Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

Applied Spectroscopy 95, 11 (2005).

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2. K. Fleischer, S. Chandola, Th. Herrmann, N. Esser, W. Richter, and J. F. McGilp

The Free Electron response in Reflectance Anisotropy Spectra

Phys. Rev. B 74, 195432 (2006).

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3. K. Fleischer, S. Chandola, N. Esser, W. Richter, F.F. McGilp

Surface Phonons of the Si(111):In(4x1) and (8x2) phases

Phys. Rev. B 76, 205406 (2007).

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4. S. Chandola, K. Hinrichs, M. Gensch, N. Esser, S. Wippermann, W.G. Schmidt, F. Bechstedt, K. Fleischer, and J. F. McGilp

Structure of Si(111)-In Nanowires Determined from the Midinfrared Opticakl


Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 226805 (2009).

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5. D. Aulich, O. Hoy, I. Luzinov, M. Brücher, R. Hergenröder, E. Bittrich, K.J. Eichhorn, P. Uhlmann, M. Stamm, N. Esser, and K. Hinrichs

In situ studies of the Switching Behaviour of ultrathin Polyelectrolyte Brushes

in Different Aqueous Environments

Langmuir 26, 12926 (2010).

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