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Nanowire-Network Workshop in Bad Honnef (13-15 February 2013)

"Physics at the borderline between 1D and 2D"

The physics of low-dimensional electronic systems is fundamentally determined by strong correlation effects. As a consequence  the Fermi-liquid picture is replaced other models, e.g. Luttinger liquid theory, where correlations and nonlinear effects can be taken  into account.

The "round-table", organized by research units FOM-1D, FOR1162 and FOR1700, will cover hot topics of low dimensional physics, e.g. magnetism at the atomic scale, superconductivity in 2D, topologocally protected edge states, spin-orbit coupling, etc. Experimental realizations at surfaces are presented as well as state of the art theoretical descriptions of these high correlated systems under explicit consideration of the environment.  

Follow these links to download the final program and conference booklet.

The workshop will be held at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef.

List of speakers (in alphabetical order):

Julian Aulbach (Würzburg)

Friedhelm Bechstedt (Jena)

Sandhya Chandola (Berlin)

Walt de Heer (Georgia Tec), invited

Raoul van Gastel (MESA+,Twente)

Leonid Glazman (Yale University), invited

Shuji Hasegawa (Tokyo University), invited

Martin Hohenadler (Würzburg)

Eric Jeckelmann (Hannover)

Gang Li (Würzburg)

Sven Rogge (Delft)

Jan van Ruitenbeek (Leiden)

Jörg Schäfer (Würzburg)

Achim Schöll (Würzburg)

Lydia El-Kareh (Würzburg)

Christoph Tegenkamp (Hannover)

Hanno Weitering (ORNL, Tennessee) invited

Martin Wolf (Berlin)



11. October 2012

Participating Universities & Institutions

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